37 Million and Counting

Updated 2/8/13

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What People are Saying...

“ We’ve all watched your movie and would like to congratulate you for striking the fine balance between being true to both the subject matter, and visual medium!”

-Abraham A.

“I played the documentary today and I was thoroughly impacted with the video effects and the in depth details of this disease. A fantastic piece of work!   I will share with others!”

-Karen G.

“I used the DVD 37 Million and Counting in my Business Ethics class at Lehman College, City University of New York, in the Bronx, NY.  The students were primarily junior and senior business students.”

-Steve B.

“All were impressed with the quality of the presentation and felt that it would, and certainly should, go a long way toward motivating people who are able to contribute to the cause.”

-Craig H.

“...it was excellent to have such an up to date resource which concentrated on the experiences of Africans themselves  rather than just commentary from here in Scotland. It is so important for students in our country to hear local voices talking about key issues such as health in Africa.”

  1. -Chris S.

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